Five Excellent Reasons to Get the Very Best First Aid for Business Training You Can Find

Luckily, a growing number of competent and prominent organisations are starting to realise the value of protecting their workforce with well trained, self assured first aiders. They are realising how crucial it is that staff members can easily obtain speedy, life saving help in the event of any accidental injury in the workplace.

It’s not only about keeping your employees safe at work. Your business bank balance may very well be much rosier if you employ the right first aid teaching organization from the start. Not only do you have the potential for litigation, but the simple fact that employees may be off work sick for unnecessary extended periods means they’re unproductive and still costing you a daily salary.

The better the training new first aiders receive at the start, the more likely it is that they’re going to be competent when called upon. Treating common accidents such as sprained wrists or twisted ankles incorrectly can potentially mean your employee is off work for up to 6 weeks! An exceptional first aider, trained by an extraordinary organization, can reduce recovery periods significantly.

That means that significant amounts of man hours can be saved for the cost of just a few days quality instruction.

So, on to the list…

1.) Save Lives and Reduce Rehabilitation Times

Obviously, saving the life of a friend or colleague is the greatest thing a first aider can do. Your colleagues aren’t just your workmates – they’re your friends. Please don’t think I’m scare mongering here – I’m really not. As a paramedic I can say from first hand experience just how beneficial having a first hander on hand really is. Of course, they need both the right technique and the confidence to use it in order to keep the affected person alive long enough for the ambulance to arrive.

Acting without delay is a result of the peace of mind gained from using the right training company. It is no good employing trainers with no real experience in emergency medicine – they need the experience of handling real life emergencies themselves. It is this exposure that rubs off on the students they are teaching, allowing their knowledge of the materials and techniques to really leave an impression on the student. The greatest trainers originate directly from the field in wich they’re now teaching.

2.) Save Money

Less time away from work means your employees are both producing revenue for you and not costing you in sick pay. Prevent a one day injury from turning in to six week absence by safeguarding them from getting worsened through the process of substandard first-aid. Dealing with an accident in the correct way from the start could very well decrease recovery time and reduce the severity of the actual injury. Additionally, you could help prevent lasting issues developing that demand pricey health care and prolonged treatment methods.

3.) Lower The Likelihood of Suit

With a world revolving around payouts for every minor trip, slip and fall don’t allow your business to be blamed for not properly protecting staff in the eventuality of an accident or severe illness. Lawyers may well attempt to latch on to any failing they can find. Plug the gaps by ensuring your staff have the right level of first aid training required for the type of business you run.

4.) Conform Entirely with Health and Safety Prerequisites

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) operate in part to make sure companies give the right first aid cover for their business. They identify specific considerations with regards to the size and kind of the company, the type of business they run and the potential hazards that employees may face. Their advice is concise and can easily be complied with.

5.) Peace of Mind for You, Your Staff and Your Customers

Knowing an effective first aider is around in case of an emergency will allow employees to carry out their duties more efficiently. ‘What ifs’ can cause seriously adverse productivity in those staff members who work in a hazardous environment such as warehousing or plant. Additionally, experience of a colleague having an injury then receiving no immediate aid can install an underlying fear of being at work. Good, quality first aid training will allow responders to follow simple and proven steps. This gives massive assurance that the measures they will take are suitable and advantageous to the victim.