Why Pursue a Degree in the Banking and Business Concentration?

There are four good reasons why you are pursuing the banking and finance concentration at a university that you should state in your essay when applying for the scholarship offered by a university. Firstly, you should state that the university is the right university to study majoring in banking and finance seeing from the important positions, jobs or business the graduates the university has produced hold, most of their graduates hold important places in many countries who are considered to be successful leaders in the countries and who ignites the country’s future leaders.

Secondly, you are expected to acknowledge, based the information you have got, the university stands for access to an internationally recognized education which is possible and accessible to students studying in your own country, the teaching philosophy is centered upon inquiry, exploration, innovation and communication, and it provides students with an opportunity to learn from some of the best academic minds in the country and the world. You could also mention that the university is the only university that offers an internationally recognized curriculum that allows students to earn a globally recognized degree from over most world universities.

Thirdly, when you get a degree in banking and finance from the university there will be a lot of opportunity and benefits to work in the field. When you graduate from the concentration, there will be great opportunities for you to choose as your future career. You can work as a banker, finance analyst, stockbroker, security sales representative, financial analyst, investment banker, commercial banker or fund manager or entrepreneur, etc, to name but a few. You will be able to easily get work in these two very important sectors in the economy of a country like yours. There are many opportunities you can get when you are employed in any of the two sectors, they are everywhere in very country so that is why you are very interested in working in the field.

Fourthly, the banking and finance career is really challenging, it is challenging because you can have the opportunity to develop your career continually. When you work at in any established bank and business both local and international such as American Bank, City Bank, World bank, etc there will always be continual development career training to follow in order to develop yourself to be qualified in the field for obtaining a professional qualification.

Lastly, you are pursuing the degree in banking and finance is because the salary and benefits you would deserve are better than when working in other fields or sectors. Besides, when you become entrepreneurs, you would be able to help create jobs for other people to develop the economy of the country where you live.

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