Small Business Management – De-Motivated Employees Are Bad For Business

People leave their employment for a number of different reasons and it cannot always be prevented, but if high staff turn-over is due to unhappy employees jumping ship, then it is perhaps worth considering what can be done to change the situation. A successful business knows how to keep its best staff on board long term. Contented, motivated workers are productive workers and they tend not to leave on mass from a work place in which they are happy, so when a mass exodus of your workforce does occur, it is a sure sign that you are doing something wrong.

The reasons unhappy employees usually give for leaving tend to boil down to too much of the bad stuff and/or not enough of the good stuff:

Being Underpaid.

Keep salaries competitive; if someone else will pay one of your valuable employees more to work for them, what incentive for loyalty does that employee have? Pay fairly and if you do value an employee reflect this in their salary. Also, keep wages confidential, not all staff are worth the same and allowing them to know this will create a very discontented workforce.

Being Over-worked.

Respecting that employees have lives outside of the work place will go a long way to keeping them happy; paid holiday time, compassionate leave and sick days should of course be standard, but remember also that enforced overtime or expecting weekend or bank holiday working will cause staff to feel put-upon pretty quickly; you cannot compel employees to become invested in the business, this has to come naturally if at all. Most employees will not unreasonably expect to work only the hours that they are contracted to.

Being Under-valued.

Value your workforce not just with good wages and reasonable working hours, but also with trust; micro-managing staff will cause them to feel uncomfortable and is certain to produce far from their best work. Showing your employees just how important they are to the success of the venture is more likely to ensure that they commit to your business and stick around, as well as going that extra bit further to produce results.

Going Nowhere.

Dead-end jobs often produce dead-end employees, or good ones that seek to move on to greener pastures as quickly as possible. Always promote from within as it encourages employees to see a future with your company; if they feel that they are likely to advance within your firm, it also makes them strive for better results in order to be noticed.

Job Insecurity.

Particularly in today’s worrying economic climate job security is a pretty big issue with most people; of course it is impossible to offer complete job security to anyone, but reassuring your staff that they are a priority and keeping them in the loop as much as possible helps people to feel that their jobs are as secure as they can be.

Keeping staff happy and motivated is simply about treating employees as you’d want to be treated yourself in their place and keeping them contented is the best way to keep them on board for a stable work environment.